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Daniel Colman Shuns Spotlight After WSOP One Drop $15M Win

Daniel Colman Shuns Spotlight After WSOP One Drop $15M Win

Daniel Colman won the 2014 Big One for One Drop, earning $15.3 million, but has reservations about the game in general. (Image: WSOP)

Probably the most important poker competition of the season, traditionally, has always been the World group of Poker Main Event. But in recent years, a new tournament has taken its place due to the fact most lucrative event with the biggest reward pool. It is the $1 million buy-in Big One for starters Drop, the charity tournament that draws the best advantages plus some of the richest amateur players lightning link slot online around. The first One Drop tournament was held in 2012, and the follow-up this year as soon as again created the biggest purse of this poker year.

42 players turned out for the 2014 Big One for One Drop, and 23-year-old poker pro Daniel Colman walked away with a life-changing prize of just over $15.3 million together with his first WSOP bracelet. The massive win immediately vaulted Colman to sixth all-time in the Hendon Mob competition poker earnings list, with more than $18.2 million in career winnings.

This year’s version was more heavily tilted in favor of career poker players while the first One Drop tournament was roughly evenly split between high-rolling pros and ultra-rich amateurs. There were about 30 professionals among the 42 entrants, and ultimately, the battle for the top spot arrived down to two full-time poker players.

Colman Beats Legend for Title

But that confrontation may not have gone the way in which most poker that is casual would expect. It saw Colman go up against one of many real legends of this game in Daniel Negreanu, the six-time bracelet champion from Canada, who’s on the list of most identifiable faces in poker. Still, while Negreanu entered their heads-up clash with a slight chip lead, he knew he could well lose the confrontation.

‘ In heads-up, he’s one of the better in the world,’ Negreanu said of Colman. ‘ He’s going to win a complete lot more of these.’

Negreanu did end up bowing out in second destination, but the near-miss was still historic for the poker legend. The almost $8.3 million he gathered vaulted him to place that is first the all-time tournament poker money list, passing 2012 One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari. Negreanu now has close to $29.8 million in lifetime winnings.

Winner Has Negative Feelings Toward Poker

Unusually for a major tournament, Colman did not perform some typical winner interviews and other post-game publicity that poker fans are accustomed to. Although it wasn’t immediately clear why Colman was stepping away from the attention and acclaim usually given to tournament champions, he later clarified his feelings in the TwoPlusTwo forums.

‘I do not owe poker a single thing,’ Colman wrote under the ‘mrgr33n13’ screen name. ‘I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit financially from this game, but i’ve played it long enough to see the ugly side of this world.’

Colman continued to state that he wasn’t sure the game should be promoted in general that he wouldn’t recommend the life of a poker pro to anyone, and.

‘It bothers me that folks care a great deal about poker’s wellbeing,’ he wrote. ‘As poker is a game which has such a web effect that is negative individuals playing it. Both financially and emotionally.’

Colman admitted that their feelings for poker are complicated.

‘we capitalize off this game that targets individuals weaknesses,’ he wrote. ‘we do enjoy it, I really like the strategy part of it, but I do notice it being a very dark game.’

Betfair Embraces Google Glass for Latest Sportsbetting Odds

Betfair is using Google Glass technology so that you can ‘enhance the consumer betting experience,’ starting with their British TV spots. (Image:

Betfair is appearing itself something of a early tech adopter with the revelation that it has incorporated the Google Glass headset into its betting spots on UK television. What’s more, the betting that is online announced recently that the move is section of a wider strategic business plan to make use of the brand new technology to ‘improve customers’ wagering experience.’

For those late to the party, Google Glass may be the brand new stage in wearable hardware; a couple of glasses with the capabilities of a smartphone. Specs with ‘specs,’ if you shall. A battery-powered heads-up display sits just over the right eye and a user need just glance upwards to view the display.

Google Glass headsets have only been available in britain for two . 5 weeks (£1,000, if you’re interested), therefore Betfair’s readiness to embrace the devices that are futuristic a business first. The cups are still in beta-testing phase, in fact therefore it’s early days but Google believes that, within the not-too-distant future, spectacle manufacturers will likely be including its pc software and third-party apps to their cups for an industrial scale.

Betfair Presenters to Model Glass

In the meantime, between the ‘then’ and the ‘now’, (starting at the 2:30 Fenwick of Leicester Fillies’ Handicap), presenters on Betfair betting spots in the horseracing that is british At The Races started sporting the dystopian specifications. Betfair presenter Barry Orr ended up being 1st on-screen guinea pig, with the glasses providing him with a real-time betting feed display ‘directly to their eyes,’ as Betfair succinctly put it, enhancing their analysis with total, up-to-the minute information.

Previously, whenever bookmakers have actually appeared on television to provide updates, odds are vulnerable to alter while they’re on atmosphere, meaning they’re outdated the moment they’re received, digested and regurgitated by the viewing public. Not anymore! Betfair has said it’ll shortly choose the headsets for their betting slots on Channel 4’s Morning Line, Sky Sports News and RTE in Ireland.

In a press release, Betfair’s Director of Product Innovation Alex Deacon expressed his excitement: ‘Our company is hugely proud to be the first betting company to embrace Bing Glass, a development that is a natural fit with our heritage in technology,’ he said, alluding towards the fact that Betfair was itself a technological innovator once the first ever P2P betting exchange. ‘TV viewers will now know that when they’re listening to Betfair’s Barry Orr, they’re listening towards the most up to date odds and betting information available,’ he added.

Brave New World

What’s fascinates us, though, is the way in which Betfair plans to make use of the technology as an element of its ‘wider customer experience strategy.’ We know just too well how the adoption of mobile technology changed the gambling that is online in recent years and we smell a brand new technical revolution into the offing.

Deacon offers some tantalizing hints, but no further than that. He speaks of ‘the potential that individuals see in comprehending the usage and development of wearable technology when considering to improving our clients betting experience in ways beyond simply looking at prices on the phones, tablets or computers.

‘Betting has managed to move on from simply placing a bet and waiting he says for it to win or lose. ‘…Customers desire to stay connected to their bets throughout the and wherever they are day. Google Glass and the other technologies that are new play a part in us creating that seamless connection. ‘

We imagine, then, that the gamblers of tomorrow will likely be supplied with a stream that is constant of results, non-runners, jockey changes and fluctuating odds as they perform their ablutions, wander around the supermarket making use of their spouses, run for a busses and attend local Rotary Club conferences, and culture at large is none-the-wiser.

Macau Revenues on Downswing For First Time in Four Years

Macau gambling enterprises suffered their revenue that is first drop over four years this June. (Image:

There are certainly a few certainties in the world of gambling: one is the fact that home nearly always wins in the run that is long. But even for casinos themselves, profits can increase and fall on the fortunes of just one or two whales that have a month that is lucky and finding how to increase company can be tricky. A very important factor which has seemed like a lock that is absolute the previous few years was the obvious reality Macau would keep churning out record profits thirty days after month, with no end around the corner.

Until, needless to say, it stopped happening.

June saw Macau’s year-over-year gambling profits fall by 3.7 percent, the time that is first significantly more than four years that the Chinese gambling hub had any decline in their winnings. While casinos took in 27.2 billion patacas ($3.4 billion), that ended up being still down from 28.3 billion ($3.5 billion) last June.

World Cup Drives Gamblers to Sports Betting

This might seem like a reason for firms invested in Macau to panic on the surface. But a deeper look at the numbers indicates that the sky might never be falling, and that there are many explanations that are reasonable the drop.

To start with, also the loss actually beat the objectives of many analysts. Projections suggested a drop of about four to six per cent, and the casinos did slightly much better than that. A lot of that fall ended up being predicted based on regulatory moves from Asia that have sought to slow the move of money in to the gambling enclave, which in turn has sparked issues that growth could slow down.

There is the elephant in the space this the FIFA World Cup month. Even in the event China isn’t competing into the tournament, there’s nevertheless tremendous curiosity about soccer’s worldwide championship. You cannot bet on soccer at most Macau venues (the right to offer such bet is held as a monopoly by a company called Macauslot), meaning that most betting is done illegally. One gambling ring running out of the Macau hotel was reportedly taking in over $600 million in bets every week.

That effect will probably be thought in July aswell, since the World Cup will complete this month up. But while that could stop decreases in gambling revenues, there are some other reasons to suspect that Macau’s growth shall continue slowing throughout the long-term.

Restrictions on Cash a prospective factor

China has placed stronger restrictions in the use of the UnionPay bank card. While Chinese nationals are only legally permitted to remove 20,000 yuan ($3,200) out of China each day in money, stores in Macau often help Chinese gamblers take away far more by faking high priced purchases and giving customers millions of yuan as opposed to the fraudulent items.

It’s uncertain how much the restrictions will actually influence Macau, as some reports are actually saying that while new UnionPay machines won’t be allowed there, ones which have already been set up can remain. Officials are also being flexible on deadlines, providing casinos a good amount of time to adapt to the changes.

But there are more concerns also. While the mass market segment still looks like a growth that is promising, there are questions about just how much casinos can squeeze out of their VIP customers. Constrained liquidity and issues with debt collection have been cited as major issues that could make that critical part tougher to fully exploit. In addition, some analysts worry that limitations on transit visas and a future smoking ban could reduce the amount of visitors to Macau’s gambling enterprises.

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